V98/ V1-15/ V30-33/ VU/ VM/ VN/ VL

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Aanslagbeugel in stuur V30-33/VU/VM/VN/VL/GS150 VS1
€ 25,17
Accordion rubber pole switch
€ 22,37
Adjuster screw M5 gear / clutch
€ 2,45
Adjuster screw M6 carburettor
€ 2,29
Adjuster screw M7 rear brake
€ 3,95
Adjusting nipple throttle V1-15/V30-33/VU
€ 1,22
Aflsuitdop moer vooras oa. FB/GS150/GLA-B
€ 19,30
Air bellow V1-15/V30-33/VM/VU
€ 35,94
Air bellow VN/VL/VB1T/VGL1T
€ 26,95
Air filter wing nut VM/VN/VL/VB1/VGL
€ 5,95
Price per unit
Balls for steering column V1-15/V30-33/VU/VM
€ 20,71
Bar floor board V1-15/VU/V30-33/VM/VN/VL/VB1/VGL
€ 13,95
Basket circlip for clutch V1-15/V30-33/VU/VM/VN
€ 5,32
Battery 6v/8ah GS160/SS180
€ 79,95
Battery 6v/8ah GS160/SS180
€ 49,00
Bearing crankshaft flywheel V1- VU
€ 39,15
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Faro Basso and Bacchetta

All the parts for your Vespa Faro Basso or Bacchetta. For example a VN,VM of V31. Perhaps you are looking for a crankshaft or a gasket set, ou will find them here. Only A-quality parts extensively tested on one of the many restoration projects that we build. If you have any questions on your Faro Basso or Bacchetta just get in touch with us, we are happy to help...

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